Friday, March 30, 2012

#Dewani : Rani Kansagra - The Luckiest Woman ALive !

I believe Rani was the first chosen victim , her tragic murder would have left Shrien Dewani  'free' to live the rest of his life as a grieving widower ,to continue his homosexual activity in private. There would be much sympathy for the tragic figure who after Rani would never look at another woman again. The years would pass and Shrien would be safe in the knowledge that no one would question him over his lost 'love'.

BUT there were a few problems with Rani, her family with much wealth and her father would not have rested until her killers were caught and punished. Rani's father , a powerful man with influence would have made much noise in the media , things would not have gone as planned for Dewani and Preyen . 

The devious brothers who between them have manipulated this entire Max Clifford circus to their advantage.

Rani's father would have questioned Shrien ,hard, wanted answers but most important of all he lived in England he would not have stood by and listened to Dewani's drivel and blatant lies that even the media picked up on. Therefore, Rani, it was soon decided was out of the question' too many problems so Dewani broke off their engagement and searched for another woman whose family would be less problamatic after the murder.

Then along came sweet Anni whose family did not live in England, her father without influence or money, unable to make noise ,unable to fight the Dewani's , tormented with the desire to need to know the truth must wait until when for justice for Anni ?

And where did the template come from for this horrific crime ? why Dr.Pox Raghavjee of course who had close ties with the Dewani family.