Saturday, March 24, 2012

#Dewani Murder: CCTV Footage Showing Dewani Paying Off One Of Those Who Arranged The Murder Of His Wife (allegedly)

Had this tape been innocent as Shrien claims, his brother Preyen would not have tried to snatch it back in a devious manipulative way. In my opinion Preyen is the mastermind behind the killing, he used the murder of Dr.Pox as his template.I am surprised the police had not thought of this.

CCTV footage which allegedly shows the honeymoon murder suspect Shrien Dewani paying a taxi driver for organising his wife's death is to be shown on television.
The footage is due to be screened on BBC's Panorama on Thursday. It was taken from the couple's hotel in Cape Town, and allegedly shows Mr Dewani preparing to hand over a plastic bag to a taxi driver two days after the murder of his wife, Anni, 28.

Mr Dewani, 32, from Bristol, denies murder. A High Court judgment on his appeal against extradition to South Africa is due within weeks.